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Why You Need a Professional Headshot

Why You Need a Professional Headshot

In the modern world, where social media rules all, our faces can be seen by millions of people around the world. A professional headshot is something that people from all walks of life should consider. Learn more about why you should get a professional headshot right here.

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Let’s cut to the quick and get right down to it. You are a professional. You need a professional headshot.

Like it or leave it, people form hard and fast opinions about you based on your appearance.

IF you want to be successful in a business venture or to get hired at the top jobs, you have to have the right look.

The best way for you to put out your best self is to trust a professional to doll you up and snap it down.

Professional Headshot Musts

Not convinced? Or hesitant to go through a lengthy process chopping time out of your day? And for what?

Well, you don’t wash your car at home when you want to show it off in a parade, so you don’t take a selfie to get a job either.

Take a look at these samples and ask yourself if you got the moxie to put yourself together in the same way.

No? Then let’s spell it out for you in how much professional goes into taking a professional headshot.

Take the Shot

Think of yourself in context at work. Think about how you look at a given moment and imagine that image being the one you were going to get your next gig on.

Chances are, you doubt that gig is going to be coming your way. We tend to doubt ourselves, especially when asked to present ourselves for scrutiny.

A professional headshot photographer knows how to get you out of that panic and into the right moment. You don’t look your best at any given moment working. That doesn’t mean there aren’t times when you do.

Think of that moment of triumph where you look, and feel, like you can take on the world.

That’s what we want to capture.

Don’t Sweat the Brass

yeah. We’ll put it out there. It costs to hire a professional and do it right.

Don’t consider the cost of getting the best professional headshot, think of the returns.

Going into an interview requires a certain amount of preparation.

You want to look right. You want to sound right. You want to show up early and make a strong case for yourself.

You don’t roll out of bed and hit the office hoping the au naturel will impress.

So you put in the time, you do the extra work. You pay for the premium service to get the premium product.

That is how you tell a company you value yourself and, in turn, that you value your work.

Show Off That Mug

Do you know what your best light is? Which side is your best?

How about the color that brings out your eyes and downplays your flaws?

Truth is, we are often our worst internal critics. We see ourselves with the cold obscuring light of living with ourselves. That makes seeing yourself objectively difficult.

If you can’t see yourself properly, you can’t hope to alter that image in your favor.

Photographers that work in professional headshot photography know what result you want and how to get ti. This includes posing you to bring out your confidence and look your best.

It also includes some after shot work to give you the best self. You don’t want to push a false image, you just want the result to indicate the more holistic truth.

Look ‘Em in the Eye

The most important result of a headshot should be in gaining the trust of those that see it. People don’t just trust over time when experience and shared knowledge can be compared. They trust their gut instincts.

For all the hope we have to be fair and unbiased when dealing with people, we are built from the ground up to trust those we see as appealing.

Knowing our own faults, we sometimes hide who we are behind trinkets and affectations. A good photographer uses their artist’s eye to move past the junk and find the reality beyond.

They will make you look, not just your best, but your most natural. This builds that crucial trust that lets other professionals know you have it together.

Get in Their Heads

Photographers bring their history to a headshot session. They know what employers are looking for and what consumers like to see.

They can help you sort out what kind of image you would do best to put forth. Lawyers need to be trustworthy and confident, marketers need to exude camaraderie.

A teacher may want to seem easy going and attentive. Some poses work far better for one profession than another.

You decide what visage you want to project and your headshot photographer can make it happen.

Don’t take chances with friends and family trying to decide how you look your best. They will be too close and less than objective. You don’t want to impress those who know you, you want to get to know the people you impress.

Don’t Fade Out

Speaking of trust, a new headshot has more impact than an old headshot. Recent changes to your appearance can lead to mistrust in an interview. It doesn’t matter whether the change comes from haircuts, a new makeup blend, or no longer wearing a hat in pictures meant for professional work.

People want to feel they know you and part of that is showing in person the way you appear online. A recent headshot does wonders for establishing your professionalism and your currency.

Social media has shown us that the most liked and interacted with posts are profile pic updates. People like to see you and they like to take a moment and reflect on what they see.

Give ’em something new to scope out and your searches on sights like LinkedIn will rise.

Make It Snappy

We don’t need to twist your arm. You look like a savvy bunch. Or you will, once we give you a quick once over and a round of professional headshots.

Don’t wait until tomorrow has passed on, contact us today for rates and an appointment. You have a bright future in the big wide world. Get your best face out there.

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