Photographers In Toronto

Photographers in Toronto

Choosing a Photographer in Toronto

In a city with surrounding area of over 6.5 million people, finding a photographer in Toronto should not be a difficult thing to do. What criteria do you use to choose a photographer?  If you are responsible for finding the right photographer, there are a few questions you should ask.

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The majority of photographers in Toronto ( and elsewhere ) are considered hobbyists. A professional photographer is generally accepted as one who earns the majority of his income from photography. A hobbyist or amateur will likely do work for little or no money and earns his/her income from another job.

When it comes to photography, seeing examples of the photographers work is the first step that most of us go through.  When we see something we like, we assume that the photographer has the capability to recreate the style of images you want. A natural assumption. But what if I told you that 50% of photographers in Toronto can not duplicate their work.  Their portfolio is based on attending “portfolio builders workshops” where the lighting is set up by a professional photographer and the amateurs attending are told what settings to use on their camera.  The amateur may learn the basics at the workshop, but does not have the equipment to reproduce the images themselves after.

Professional Photographer versus Amateur

Assume you have a potential photographer in mind, based on the images in their portfolio. Now, ask:

Does the photographer have a studio?  A studio would indicate a high level of commitment to their work.  Maybe a studio is not required for your shoot, but the fact that your photographer has one indicates a dedication to their art / craft.

Does the photographer have insurance? Professional photographers carry insurance, not just to protect against lost or stolen equipment, but public liability  and property damage.  What if the photographer fails to show or produces work after the deadline and leaves you with no images or images of no value?  What if the photographer knocks over something of value at your event or blows the fuses in the hotel!!  It would be nice to know your photographer has insurance to pay for this

Is your photographer background checked?  Again, may not be necessary for your shoot, but it would be nice to know that with the odd “guy with a camera” that is out there, a clean background/ criminal check would be a comfort.  If you are arranging a photographer to attend a wedding or family event or are meeting at a hotel for a boudoir shoot, I think you would want the assurance that the photographer has a clean background.

Will your photographer meet you for a preshoot meeting to discuss your needs.  A professional will come out to see the venue or to you to discuss your needs.  They will explain price, options, and other criteria for your shoot.  Also, you get a chance to see if the photographer has the personality that you can work with and trust.

The majority of photographers in Toronto will not have or offer all 4 of the above basic elements.  If you are responsible for putting your event together, be it a set of corporate head-shots, corporate event, birthday party, anniversary, wedding, team photos, photoshoot etc. where other people will depend on your decision, you should be asking for these 4 basic questions

Photographers in Toronto

Photographers in Toronto tend to cost a bit more money than smaller communities.  Travel in the city is more expensive and time consuming.  Studios are expensive to operate and insurance costs more money.  But you will find more professional photographers in Toronto, per capita, than any smaller town.  There are more opportunities for a professional to make a living in Toronto than in a city with small population base

Don’t be afraid to spend some money on your professional project.  This is a business where you “get what you pay for”.  Professionals have back up cameras, a variety of professional grade lenses and camera bodies and are trained in multiple genres of photography.  They may also teach photography privately or in groups.  In fact, I have been hired to give lessons to people who are going on holiday and they want to make sure they are using their camera to the best of it’s ability and I have been hired in a similar fashion to teach people how to shoot event photography.

Photographers offer a service

Don’t forget that photographers are offering a service besides their skills.  I remember one conversation I had when I offered a quote of $600 for an event and the principal in charge said ” I could rent the equipment and do it for 1/2 that price!!”  I politely replied that the cost of doing a shoot is one factor, but you are also paying for the service.  Like a restaurant, we could all make the meal for $8 ourselves, but we pay $ 25 for the service, ambiance, no washing dishes, etc.  We are paying for a service, not just the cost.  I know a few photographers who forget that we are in the service business… make sure you are getting the service you are looking for.

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