Creative Portraits for Clients

Artistic Portrait

Creative portraits or artistic portraits serve more purpose for the photographer than meets the eye.  This is an opportunity for the photographer to practice post work, or in other words, work some magic in Photoshop.  We can work out features and play with settings and experiment on images not being commissioned or sought after by paying customers.

If you have ever worked with imaging software like Photoshop, you will know of all the options and features available.  Learning them all is quite a learning curve, so having practice subjects to take photos of is wonderful.  I know many photographers who argue that Photoshop should not be necessary and that we should not be modifying images, to which I agree.  However, to remove blemishes, such as acne, which is a temporary blemish or bloodshot eyes being whitened is not, in my opinion, modifying an image beyond it’s natural, normal look.  Just the act of removing a pimple is 90 percent of the time an easy process.  However, there are many, many ways to remove a blemish and if you only know one, you might run into trouble with a client one day when you hack up a simple pimple removal.

I have learned through creating creative portraits the extremes of using light.  Using light ( and shadow ) is what photography is all about.  Creatively taking things to the limit really helps you understand the way light falls on different shapes of faces.  With this knowledge, it becomes much easier when a paying client comes into studio and you need to quickly assess the lighting required for the image results desired.


 Artistic Portrait









Working and practicing with artistic manipulations helps helps with touch-ups in “the real world”.