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A good portrait photographer can carry the discipline over to boudoir photography. The study of light and balancing pf natural light and flash photography, light and shadow rations and many, many more considerations go into the technical aspect of the photography. But how do you create a story in the image? I have discovered in my life that it is really easy to hide. I have also discovered that we all want to be seen. My photography work is all about finding you — not the you that you think you need to be, but rather the you that you are. My process is intimate, fun, and exposing. Ultimately, it’s an opportunity to explore self in front of the camera. The only requirement is that you show up with a willingness to be seen. I will take care of the rest!

About Ron

About RP Photography

Ron is a self taught portrait photographer with over 15 years experience. Starting with film as a teenager and developing his own black and white film, he has shot fashion,editorial, portrait and artistic nudes and boudoir. Switching to digital 5 years ago, he developed a real passion for portrait photography and shooting passionate artistic portraits. Classic portraits, artistic and boudoir genres are his favourite as can be seen in his popular “Naked Musician” series.

Recognizing the struggles photographers have, Ron likes to run workshops that let people have hands on experience and learn the science behind the art. He firmly believes that when you fully understand the principles behind the equipment and science of light and shadow, you will excel at creating beautiful works, no matter what equipment one uses. Ron tries to run a professional working environment, including being background checked and having full insurance while shooting both in his studio in downtown Toronto, Canada or on location. Proud to have been published in various on-line magazines, Ron mainly concentrates on the journey of photography, always striving to learn more, shoot more and pass on his knowledge to other photographers.

About Moira

Moira is a graduate of Complections College of Makeup Artistry as of April 2014. She has been working in both fashion, television, and film makeup since graduation, and has a real passion for creating dynamic, interesting looks for shoots. She also strives to maintain a clean and professional setting for her work, carrying a kit which features mainly cruelty free and vegan products. Some of her credits include music videos for Born Ruffians and the Arkells, assisting on the series Paranormal Witness, Future Legends, and Opie’s Home, as well as a number of independent short films and features. A majority of her fashion work can be seen on her website

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