Corporate Headshots


Definition of corporate headshots

A corporate headshot is a professional photograph of an individual that is taken specifically for business purposes. Usually used for personal branding, marketing materials, or company websites, corporate headshots are meant to represent the person in a professional and approachable manner. These photographs typically focus on the individual’s face and shoulders, capturing their confidence, friendliness, and competence. By showcasing their professionalism and personality, corporate headshots help individuals in various industries establish a reputable image and leave a lasting impression on clients, colleagues, and potential employers.

Importance of corporate headshots in professional branding

Corporate headshots play a crucial role in establishing a solid professional branding for individuals and businesses alike. These meticulously crafted portraits capture the essence of one’s corporate identity, effectively communicating their credibility and expertise to potential clients and stakeholders. By investing in a high-quality headshot, professionals can enhance their online presence, making a memorable first impression that distinguishes them from competitors in today’s increasingly competitive market. In this digital age, where first impressions often occur through online platforms, a captivating headshot can create a lasting and positive impact on viewers, lending authenticity and professionalism to one’s personal brand. Therefore, recognizing the significance of corporate headshots is paramount for professionals who seek to navigate and excel in their respective industries.

Selecting appropriate attire and grooming

When reading about what to wear to a corporate headshot, you will see lots of suggestions.  Here is an article from a branding company with their take on your corporate headshot preparation.  Let’s start our discussion with some don’ts, specifically a list of things NOT to wear!

  • Neon colors.
  • Busy or very small patterns.
  • Spaghetti straps or strapless dresses. Women
  • Colors that match the background. You want to stand out from the background
  • Baggy clothes.
  • Clothes You Don’t Normally Wear. You want to be comfortable in your choice

When shooting for corporate headshots with other team members have a discussion about the formality of the shots. Do you want everyone to wear a tie, wear a jackets, or no jacket, open collar. Not everyone owns a suit and not everyone feels comfortable in a suit. Again, a law firm might have everyone in a black or navy suit and tie, where an art school might have everyone in smocks and painter pants!

You should have a discussion about what level of formality you want across the board and your colour choices. To some, it might matter if everyone shows up with a blue blazer except one with a bright red one. Have a discussion. Most corporate shots stay with black, blue, grey for jackets and suites, white is the predominant colour for shirts and blouses.


10 General Tips for your corporate headshot


Stick with solid colours tops. They are less distracting and make the shot more flattering. Jackets and collared are recommended. Depending on your industry, you may want to wear casual attire, but we recommend you dress up for professional photos.

In general, wear solid colour and high contrast outfits. For example, a white shirt and a blue or black blazer or a light blue shirt and a black blazer, etc..

Make sure your clothes are clean and irons / without wrinkles. We have a lint roller on hand…. in case you need it!

Avoid logs or badges. Men should try not to wear and undershirt with the dress shirt…. or make it a white one if you do wear one.

Avoid large pieces of jewelry or excessive makeup. Avoid glossy or shiny makeup.

Men– Shave and trim. No exceptions. Gotta look good!

If you use lotions or moisturizers, apply hours before your shoot ( they will create a shine and create and unflattering shine if you apply lotion just before your shoot.

If you wear glasses, all good, we will work on the angles to avoid reflections Make sure they are clean!!

Just before your shoot brush your hair

Just before your shoot, have a look in the mirror and give yourself a look. Look at your hair and your collar and your overall appearance to catch any last minute stray hairs, makeup glitches, lint on cloths, crooked ties, etc.

Listen to your photographer. We will help with posing and get the shots your company is looking for.

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