Preparing For Your Portrait Shoot

November 29, 2019
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November 29, 2019 Ron Proudfoot

Preparing For Your Portrait Shoot

Portrait Photography

Tips to help you prepare for your portrait sitting.

Once you have decided on your photographer and location and have discussed to style and lighting for your shoot, you are ready for the big day.  You won’t believe these tips are relevant, but believe me, you will be glad you followed these tips

  1. Prepare your wardrobe the day before your shoot.  This sounds like a no-brainer, but the idea here is not to be rushed the day of your shoot.  Give yourself time to reflect and prepare
  2. Get lots of rest.  I.e. go to bed early.  Being tired on set will show up in your photos.  You will need your energy on the day of the shoot.  Anticipation, excitement, apprehension and all sorts of emotions will drain you of energy so get your rest. You will need all of your energy for the shoot
  3. Arrive early.  Leave for the studio early.  Don’t be rushed.  You will want to be thinking about your shoot and not if you are going to arrive on time.  You want to stay relaxed and not stress yourself out.  Arrive on time and relax.  Notice how the above 3 tips have nothing to do with the actual shoot itself?  The reason is you need to arrive and be yourself.  This is so important for actor head-shots and business portraits.  You need to be yourself and arriving all stressed out, late, not knowing if you packed your favourite shirt or wondering if your pants are wrinkled will not help you relax.
  4. If you are having your hair and makeup done, arriving with clean, brushed hair is important.  If you are doing your own hair and makeup, give yourself lots of time to prepare.  Your photographer will usually have a makeup station for you to work away.  Again, since you prepared the night before and have arrived with plenty of time, you will be relaxed and not rushed.  Having your hair and makeup done for you is highly recommended, not just for relaxing for your shoot, but professional makeup artists for photoshoots are familiar with the way the light and makeup work in harmony and can assist getting remarkable shots!
  5. There are many other tips you will read in other blogs, but I have always found that relaxing and preparing your arrival is the most essential.  Your photographer will help with almost everything else upon your arrival.  He/she will assist with posing and will help direct the shoot to get the images you want.  Plan and prepare and be yourself.  It’s that easy!!!


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