Photo Editing

Photo editing / image retouching ( or mage editing )  is an integral part of any photographers services.  It can take years of practice to be able to retouch skin on portraits in a natural way that does not alter the original image.  Many times, people do want to alter the basics of the image by changing body shape ( slimming the waist for example ) and this has it’s place in  many glamour shots and photos for advertisements.  With portrait retouching, this altering is very  rarely used or should rarely be used in order to keep the authenticity of the original image. 

The final amount of retouching is guided by your input, but the general rule we follow is that we remove only those blemishes that are temporary in nature ( like pimples or other acne breakouts ) 

After your shoot with us, RP Photography will perform a basic  retouching  that includes:

  1. Blemish removal
  2. Highlight and shadow balance
  3. Skin tone corrections
  4. Colour Balance

Unlike many photo editing services, we don’t just apply a stock “retouching app”, we take each image and start from scratch to make sure each image is correct.  We keep the detail and work hard to preserve the original flow and character of the photograph. 

Photo Editing Service

The cost of photo editing is included with your photo session.  If you would like your own images retouched by our photo editing service,  just drop us a quick email with your requests and we can give you pricing ( Each image varies in cost, from $5 to $50, depending on complexity

Before After
Before After
Before After Photo Retouching Service