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Learn how to develop concepts, work with subjects, shoot with natural light, and bring images to life in post-production.
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Our Photography Classes and Workshops are dynamic and hands on. Always action. Talk to other photographers. Talk to makeup artists. Meet with models. Interact from the minute you walk through the door.

What is the difference between a photography workshop and a photography class? Well, not a great deal, really. The classes tend to add more theory behind the principle of the lesson being taught, while the workshop is more hand-on. Both classes and lessons have elements of both theory and practical, the workshop leaning more to practical. Let’s face it, we bought our cameras to shoot beautiful images and to perfect that we must practice, practice practice.

We currently hold our workshops in one of two locations, but often times, we shoot outdoors, depending on the lesson and we have been asked to take our workshops on the road and set up in cities around south western Ontario. Our workshops are considered some of the best by those who have attended. No stuffy, quiet keep to yourself attitudes here. We interact, talk, assist and above all respect each and every member that joins us. We were all beginners at one point and we all learn by trial and error. To find out what we have on the go now, please have a look at the event page

Topics covered in workshops

Rule of Thirds
Balancing Elements
Leading Lines
Depth of Field
Background, depth,cropping
Shutter Speed, Aperture, Exposure, ISO

Equipment practice using

our camera settings
light meters
Flash units
Strobes ( continuous and strobe )
Umbrellas, soft-boxes, reflectors,gels,filters
Grids, snoots, barn doors, gobos

RP Photography Toronto Workshops Classes Lessons and Tips

The adage “Practice Makes Perfect” describes the art of photography perfectly. You can never get enough practice in the quest for that “perfect picture”. And that is where our workshops come into play. In our workshops, we look at all elements of light and shadow and take advantage of being able to control in a stable studio environment. Come and learn the principles of photography and practice those principles where the light doesn’t go behind a cloud or the wind is not blowing your lights over or hair into your models face. Once you understand the concepts behind the light and how to manipulate it with you camera settings and understanding shadows and how to control them and learning how modifies such as reflectors, strobes, flashes, umbrellas, soft-boxes etc shape it all, you will be ready to go out and shoot those tricky events where you do not control the ambient light. But you will be ready because you will have practiced, practiced, PRACTICED and your practice starts here, in our hands on, practical workshops.

Our workshops are designed to cover topics such as

  • Posing
  • Rule of Thirds
  • Balancing Elements
  • Symmetry
  • Leading Lines
  • Viewpoint
  • Bokah
  • Depth of Field
  • Background, depth,cropping
  • Shutter Speed, Aperture, Exposure, ISO

We will use equipment and practice using

  • our camera settings
  • light meters
  • flash
  • strobes ( continuous and strobe )
  • umbrellas, soft-boxes, reflectors, gels, filters,
  • grids, snoots,barn doors, gobos…. you name it

We practice with live models and we bring in industry professionals. You will never leave one of our workshops without having learned a new principle and you will go home with more knowledge and enthusiasm to practice, practice, PRACTICE!!!

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