Professional Portraits

Professional Portraits

As a professional portrait photographer, we spend a lot of detail to get your image just the way you want. We customize the lighting in studio to each and every client to capture mood, expression and bring out the beauty and story in your portrait. No “cookie-cutter” methods are used. Every portrait is customized to you. As a portrait photographer trained in classic lighting and posing techniques, we know how to bring out those special characteristics that make you, you!! Portrait photography with a portrait photographer you can trust.

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There is more to being a portrait photographer than just being a person who takes pictures of people. A good portrait photographer want to know the real you and bring that out in the photograph. To assist with this, here are some tips to make sure your shots come out their best:

1. Be sure that you and your portrait photographer have the same vision, theme and idea in mind. Before your photography session, you and your photographer should decide on the location of the shoot, wardrobe, on the theme or idea of the photo shoot, on the time of the shoot. If you have certain demands from your photographer, be sure to make this clear with him or her from the very beginning.

2. Rest and sleep the night before. To have restful nights of sleep starting at least a few days before your photography session can help put your mind and body at ease. Getting as much as 8 hours of sleep a day can also help get rid of those dark circles around your eyes.

3. Drink lots of water. Water can help keep your skin healthy and supple.

4. Makeup. If you are doing your own makeup, make sure you have everything you need. You make have discussed your needs back in step one when explaining / discussing your vision for your shoot It is highly recommended that you let a professional makeup artist handle your makeup, but if you do it yourself, perhaps try a “test run” at home with the outfit you will be wearing in studio for your shoot.

5. Don’t worry too much about blemishes. They happen and our retouch skills can remove any blemish that might “pop up”.

6. Practice in front of a mirror. Smile, frown, pose… get comfortable. If you see images online or in magazines that you would like to try ( which you have discussed with your portrait photographer back in step 1 )., practice them! Remember – you are the star during the photography session. Besides, projecting various poses may help keep your professional photographer happy and excited to capture great shots.

7. Bring a buddy or friend if you wish. Sometimes a trusted friend will give you confidence and help share with you on your fun photo shoot. Someone who will be with you to give positive vibes during your session with a professional photographer and bring out “the you” . Friends and support people are always welcome in studio for your support

8. Smile, relax and put yourself in the hands of your photographer. Put yourself in a “happy space” Lol. Nothing is better than feeling good on the day of your shoot. Just breathe and relax. With RP Photography, you have a talented and personable professional portrait photographer will assist and help you have a wonderful experience during your photography session.

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