Realtor Headshots

Realtor Headshots 


Realtor Headshots are not a lot different from any other head shots.  However, no other group of professionals depend  on great head shots ( and portraits ) and integrate a personal photograph into their marketing program as do real estate agents.  Let me explain! And if you don’t believe me, check out this CBC article about head-shots for Real Estate Agents.

In Kitchener/Cambridge/Waterloo, with the average single family home closing in on 800,000 dollars, the purchase of a home is a huge investment.  For all those involved in this transaction, the real estate agent is front and center.  Let’s face it ( no pun intended ), the real estate agent is the front line person, the face the personality and the character that will affect the purchaser the most.  The banker or mortgage broker is usually a faceless recommendation who tells you what you can spend.  I think of these people as commissioned, faceless people behind a desk waiting for your order and not really having to do anything with helping you with your purchase, other than a predetermination of your spending limit.

How about the lawyer?  Again, not really front line.  To most, just a necessary evil for the transaction of your purchase.  You may never, ever see these guys, but you might see their assistant when you pick up your keys.  Home inspectors?  They just come in to make sure your new home is up to snuff, but  don’t actually help you pick out your home.  They come in once you have made a decision.

It’s you, the real estate agent people really trust.

Nope, the realtor has all the work to do and is the front line person.  To that end, there MUST be an element of trust.  When it comes to gaining trust, we all know that a picture can invoke feelings in people and your head shot must be able to capture the potential client with a feeling of trust and honesty.  Humans make decision on first impression within seconds ( or milliseconds according to some studies ), so if you are sending your picture to them, it better be right. The real estate world has mastered this concept, unlike other industries who could learn a lesson of two from the real estate marketing people.  Studies have shown that trustworthiness comes from a humans hard wiring to just a face.

What, then, makes a great head shot?   Know your client!  It is not uncommon to have two or three different head shots to present on your marketing material for different clients.  However there are some common rules when having your head shot taken.

Four Simple Tips

  1. SMILE!  Number one rule  Smiling people are more friendly, approachable  and trustworthy.  No winking!
  2. Trust your photographer to light your photo properly.  No shadows hiding the eyes, Your photographer will shape the light specific for you to produce a clean, clear trustworthy image.  He /she will also direct your pose and where you look, how much to turn your head etc to produce an image that portrays trustworthiness, confidence and professionalism
  3. Dress the part!  Knowing who you your clients are will help you decide what to wear for your shoot.  Bring 3 outfit changes.  Professional for those analytical clients, business casual and casual for other clients.  Don’t where “busy” clothing. nothing to distract from your face  Consider your colour, blue( trusting colour ), charcoal grey.
  4. Come to your shoot properly groomed.  No bed head!  Good time for a facial, visit to the salon, get a haircut. Shave or be well trimmed.

There are so many tips they could drive you crazy!  Which is were a great photographer comes in.  You need to arrive 15 minutes early to your shoot, have 3 -4  outfits, clean and pressed, well groomed and your photographer can advise the rest.  Come ready and trust your photographer!





10 General Tips To Remember


Stick with solid colours tops. They are less distracting and make the shot more flattering. Jackets and collared are recommended. Depending on your industry, you may want to wear casual attire, but we recommend you dress up for professional photos.

In general, wear solid colour and high contrast outfits. For example, a white shirt and a blue or black blazer or a light blue shirt and a black blazer, etc..

Make sure your clothes are clean and irons / without wrinkles. We have a lint roller on hand…. in case you need it!

Avoid logs or badges. Men should try not to wear and undershirt with the dress shirt…. or make it a white one if you do wear one.

Avoid large pieces of jewelry or excessive makeup. Avoid glossy or shiny makeup.

Men– Shave and trim. No exceptions. Gotta look good!

If you use lotions or moisturizers, apply hours before your shoot ( they will create a shine and create and unflattering shine if you apply lotion just before your shoot.

If you wear glasses, all good, we will work on the angles to avoid reflections Make sure they are clean!!

Just before your shoot brush your hair


Just before your shoot, have a look in the mirror and give yourself a look. Look at your haid and your collar and your overall appearance to catch any last minute stray hairs, makeup glitches, lint on cloths, crooked ties, etc.


Listen to your photographer. We will help with posing and get the shots your company is looking for.


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