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Specializing in portrait photography for individuals, families, models, actors. In studio or on location
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RP Photography has been operating in Toronto for over 5 years. We shoot in studio at 9 Davies Ave. in Toronto, but you will find us on-site at your event at your location as well. We travel throughout Canada, but 90% of the time we are in South Western Ontario.

RP Photography specializes in headshots and portrait photography for headshots, portrait, corporate, business, LinkedIn, acting, fashion, modelling portfolio and family photography. RP Photography has been operating in Toronto for over 5 years. Although portrait photography is our main style of shooting, we apply this to many different genres, including glamour photography, boudoir photography, artistic and artistic nude photography. Our clients consist of business, family, actors, models who use our photographers to produce beautiful portfolios or head shots for social media, catalogs for products, art for the home and office.

We also conduct monthly photography workshops where we help the novice with wonderful, socially fun education workshops to show how we produce our work.

Photography Services

Portrait Photography, Model Casting Calls, Event Photography and Photography Workshops are the four main categories we concentrate on. These can be in several different genres, such as Glamour, Boudoir, Artistic, Nude. We are often hired for Anniversaries, Weddings, but shoot to the portrait portion of the events.
We feel that to excel in a few disciplines is better than spreading out. These 4 disciplines and the study of them are portable to any other style of shooting. Within each of these categories, there is a great amount of technical knowledge combined with the art of telling a story in a single frame.

A good portrait photographer can carry the discipline over to boudoir photography. The study of light and balancing pf natural light and flash photography, light and shadow rations and many, many more considerations go into the technical aspect of the photography. But how do you create a story in the image? I have discovered in my life that it is really easy to hide. I have also discovered that we all want to be seen. My photography work is all about finding you — not the you that you think you need to be, but rather the you that you are. My process is intimate, fun, and exposing. Ultimately, it’s an opportunity to explore self in front of the camera. The only requirement is that you show up with a willingness to be seen. I will take care of the rest!

“If you see something that moves you, and then snap it, you keep a moment.”

― Linda McCartney

RP Photography Toronto Workshops Classes

The adage “Practice Makes Perfect” describes the art of photography perfectly. You can never get enough practice in the quest for that “perfect picture”. And that is where our workshops come into play. In our workshops, we look at all elements of light and shadow and take advantage of being able to control in a stable studio environment.

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