Face Value: 5 Reasons You Should Have a Business Card with a Headshot


Face Value: 5 Reasons You Should Have a Business Card with a Headshot

Face Value: 5 Reasons You Should Have a Business Card with a Headshot

Many business cards contain useful information but no way of remembering who it was who gave it out. Take a look at 5 key benefits of having a business card with a headshot to make your card stand out from the crowd.

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Planning to create new business cards and wondering whether or not you should add a headshot?

A business card is an effective way to network and give people a tangible item they can refer to later on if they want to do business. Adding a headshot is a personal choice but it can have many upsides.

Read on to learn about the 5 key benefits of having a business card with a headshot to make you and your business unforgettable!

Make It Personal

Often times, doing business and networking can have a sterile and impersonal feel to it. Having a headshot on your business card alleviates that problem because it allows someone to see your face and therefore remember your personality after you’re gone.

This allows potential clients and customers to connect a face with a name and a business, making you human and not just a card with email addresses, phone numbers, and office extensions.

Another upside is that if a potential business connection receives your card before having met you, it will make them feel like they already have. They’ll be able to connect a face to the business and if it’s a pleasant and friendly looking photo, they’ll create a positive association before ever shaking your hand.

Brand Awareness

Putting a headshot on your business card is another step in the right direction for creating brand awareness.

Think about how vividly you can remember someone’s face from a commercial or billboard advertising their personal injury law firm, for example. This type of recognizability will draw in more business because people feel like they already know you.

Imagery Matters

There’s a reason why plain old business cards fail to catch the attention and elicit the response you want. People respond to images. This could be colored graphics, a cool design or logo, or even better, your photo.

If a potential client or customer has collected a stack of business cards, think about which will stand out. Words and logos will blend together but a headshot on your card will make people remember you and search for yours in the pile, putting you ahead of the game.

Gain Control

Having your image on a business card allows you to control the first impression a potential business associate or client gets. Why leave it up to Google and other search engines? Wouldn’t you rather someone see a professional portrait when associating your name with your business?

We can’t control what comes up in search engines. They pull photos from past events you’ve attended, old websites and various social media platforms. If you’re concerned about the first image someone sees, take control by putting it right on your card.

Grab Their Attention

The last reason for having a headshot on your business card is simple; it will grab attention. At the end of the day, you want people to take an interest in you and your business and what better way to do that than by showing them a unique and stand-out card?

A headshot on your card will catch someone’s eye and entice them to look more closely at it. Without even knowing it, they’ll be reading your name and profession, or company name, several times in a few seconds as they check out the card and will be sure to remember you after your chat is over.

Create a Business Card with a Headshot Today!

Why wait? Creating a business card with a headshot will make your company stand out amongst others and have potential customers and clients remembering your name and what you look like.

Contact our team of professionals to schedule a headshot session today and for more information, be sure to check out our blog!

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