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7 Tips On Hiring Your Modeling Portfolio Photographer

7 Tips On Hiring Your Modeling Portfolio Photographer

Are you ready to jump into your modeling career? The first thing to do is book a professional photo session so you can build a modeling portfolio. Here are 7 helpful tips on hiring a model portfolio photographer and obtaining professional photographs.

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People who have a passion for utilizing their physicality and sensibilities to showcase products often find themselves pursuing modeling.

And why not?

The modeling industry is rock solid with the number of jobs available projected to hold steady through the year 2026.

If you’re looking to break into modeling, one of the first things you’ll need to consider is putting together a portfolio.

A portfolio is a collection of sample images showcasing your skills as a model to prospective clients who would then, based on what they see, choose to work with you or not.

In order to put together a solid portfolio that will open up doors for you, you’re going to need an excellent modeling portfolio photographer in your corner.

If this is your first time working with a portfolio photographer, take to heart our tips below which should help streamline your hiring process!

1. Look for a Collaborator

If this is your first time putting together a modeling portfolio, you’ll want to work with a photographer who is experienced in shooting portfolios and can help direct your shoot in a way that’s going to give you the best outcome.

To that end, talk to the photographers you’re considering and ask them to describe their vision for your photo shoot.

What motif would they pursue? What poses do they have in mind?

Remember, a good modeling portfolio photographer should be your collaborator. If you’re talking to photographers and they don’t seem to want to lend their creative perspective to your project, you’re better off continuing your search elsewhere.

2. Nail Down Your Arrangements

The process of putting together a portfolio shoot can result in a lot of “email tennis”. Details such as the time of the shoot, where the location will be, turn around time for photos and more will all be buried in tons of correspondence.

So, after nailing down the particulars of your shoot, be sure to summarize to your photographer everything that was agreed upon prior to showing up on set.

Many modeling portfolio photographers will take the initiative in doing this but if they don’t, sending a final email outlining all terms to ensure you’re both on the same page will make your photo shoot a less likely to encounter turbulence.

3. Discuss Comfort Levels

Modeling is a very personal art. People use their bodies in different ways to express their creativity and different photographers have varying ways of capturing their model’s essence.

To make sure that you’re not receiving direction at your shoot that undermines your comfort levels, be proactive in letting your photographer know what’s okay and what isn’t.

To get an idea of your modeling portfolio photographer’s style, be sure to go through their portfolio extensively. Often times, you can tell from a photographer’s previous work if an in-depth discussion on comfort is warranted based on the amount of sensuality they typically capture.

4. Model Preparation

Will your portfolio shoot have a hair stylist involved? How about a makeup artist?

Some photographers have people they work with that are included in their rates or that you can opt into via add-ons.

Other times, your modeling portfolio photographer won’t have any stylist options and it will be your responsibility to coordinate any prep personnel you may need.

Be sure to understand what your photographer offers in this regard so you’re not surprised at your shoot. If you’re planning on bringing your own people, let your photographer know so they can be prepared to collaborate with your broader group.

5. Check References

When hiring a photographer, just like hiring any creative professional, references count. The easiest way to get a sense of the level of work your photographer does is to look at their portfolio. You may want to go a step further and also ask to see testimonials.

Photographer testimonials can sometimes be found on their website, via review platforms like Yelp or through word of mouth.

6. Costs

The number one hiccup most people have when working with any sort of contractor is payment.

That’s why it’s extremely important that all costs and scope of work associated with those costs are sussed out clearly in writing.

As a model, you should feel comfortable with the price you’re paying and the services you’ll receive for that cost. You should also know if there are any pricing contingencies.

For example, are you paying your photographer hourly? If so, if your shoot runs long due to unforeseen circumstances, will you be liable to pay in excess of what you were expecting?

Is your shoot outdoors? If so, if the weather goes bad, will you still need to pay your photographer in full for the shoot?

Having a good understanding of all implications surrounding payment will greatly reduce the possibility of friction.

7. Exude Professionalism and You’ll Get it In Return

With modeling, the level of respect your professional network has for you can make or break your career. Because of that, especially when you’re just starting out, it’s important that you treat the photographer, make-up artist, hairstylist and everyone else you work with respectfully.

The cliche of the successful diva model who made his or her name being rude to everyone is just that… a cliche.

Treat others on set the way you want to get treated. If you do, you’ll be surprised how many of the people you hire today may hire you for their projects later on down the line

Wrapping Up Tips on Hiring a Modeling Portfolio Photographer

If you’re a model looking to break into the industry you’ll need a portfolio to shop yourself around to agencies. To help narrow your modeling portfolio photographer search, exercise the tips above.

Being clear with your photographer, determining if they’re willing to be a collaborator, and treating them with respect are just a few important ways you can not only find the right photographer but maintain a great relationship with them throughout your career!

If you’re looking for a premiere photographer to help craft your modeling portfolio, let our team help.

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