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Headshot Photographer:

A Headshot Photographer & Headshot Photography Lights

A headshot photographer knows how and where to bring the light and shadows to compliment your shape. Every person is different and lighting is adjusted for each individual. Knowing a bit about lighting will help you with your posing and what the photographer is asking.

The purpose of this article is not to go into the details of all the lighting and shadow patterns that photographers use.  If you are interested in that you can read here or join one of our workshops.

A head shot is different from a portrait shot.  The obvious difference is that a headshot is the the head and shoulder where a portrait shot includes the torso.  Headshots are used  by actors and actresses, typically 8″ X 10″ and are usually done in colour.  They are meant to show a producer or casting agent your face and see if the looks and expressions match up with their product or character they are trying to fill.

When having your headshot taken, you should discuss with the headshot photographer the different looks you want to portray.  A good portrait photographer will assist you with coaching, but will also change his lighting pattern to assist with the look you are tying to achieve.  Lighting can shape the face and assist with the look you are tying to achieve.  A serious look may be a bit darker in background, perhaps some darker shadow on the face, versus a bright happy, smiling face which will be well lit and radiate your enthusiasm. See this lighting video to get an idea of how extreme lighting can change the way you look.

A good headshot photographer will be able to use the light to exploit features, such as cheekbones, by bringing the light in and by casting the shadows correctly, will sculpt facial features just as a makeup artist sculpts features with the use of makeup.  The lighting can thin a large, round face or fatten a skinny face, hide crooked noses, balance eyes or ears of different sizes.  This is all done with lighting…. not Photoshop.  A casting agent or producer wants to see you as natural as possible under the lights, not under the photoshop manipulation.

The best headshots will be light in the amount of makeup used and kept simple with the lighting that is used.  Keep your headshot simple and express yourself with your facial expressions and trust your photographer to bring out your personality and character.

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